The Coolest Urban Design Ideas From Around The World! Tabs, Wed., July 28, 2021

The Coolest Urban Design Ideas From Around The World! Tabs, Wed., July 28, 2021
Tabs gifs by your friend Martini Ambassador!

CDC county level COVID tracker. Get some info! Mask up in public indoor settings if your county has "substantial" or "high" community transmission! See what your county's vaccination rate is! (CDC)

Orange County Italian restaurant a bunch of stupid dicks. (LA Times)

Judges are stripping "public health" from public health agencies, because they're death cultists. Ian Millhiser explains new decisions at Vox.

Oh sad, Tom Barrack was "jeered" when he went to court for alleged crime doing! (Crooks & Liars)

Don't know how Wonkette skipped this nice Montana man yelling at Tucker Carlson, oh right I do know, I have Mondays off!

Both-sidesing the 1/6 commission, surprise! — Eric Boehlert at Press Run

It's been SOME WEEKS of Montana skies afire, out of our usual eight weeks of summer, and I'm wondering, how about we move to Detroit? (States At Risk: Michigan)

But other than that Mrs. Lincoln, how is the infrastructure bill coming:

On one end, members of the team of senators negotiating the bill were on the Sunday shows touting that their work was "90 percent done" and would be ready for viewing within 24 hours. On the other was a source close to the talks telling a Hill reporter that the outstanding issues included transit, broadband, water funding, prevailing wages for construction projects, offsetting the price tag with unspent COVID relief money, and even "highways/bridges."

The American Prospect

House Transportation Chair Peter DeFazio is not delighted with the Senate's progress! (Politico)

Oh good, following a three-week strike, workers at the Topeka Frito-Lays plant will only have to work six 12-hour-days per week now, and will get a two percent raise for the first time in six or eight years, so that's ... better. (Business Insider)

El Monte, California, named a guy as policeman of the year who had actually been on paid leave for the entirety of the year, a paid leave occasioned by his not actually doing any work. Maybe it's just me, but I probably would have made it unpaid leave! — Free Thought Blog

Managing aggregate demand, with Disneyland as our case study. — Cory Doctorow at Medium

Hell yeah urban design! — Daily Time Waste

Hey you wanna see some HOTTTT WONKMEET PORTLAND PIXXX? Me too.

Hello it's me. I've thought about you for a long long time. 

Most photos by Diego Diaz!

BIGLY YOOGE thanks to Katie, Jen, Joe et al. for putting on a honkin' wonderful party. Friends came from Cleveland, from Florida, from Austin and SoCal. You can see though that after the fifth beer I stopped not kissing people on their faces, which is MY BAD and I knew better even though the CDC hadn't yet changed its masking recs. We will ABSOLUTELY FOR SURE not kiss you in San Diego or LA, vaxxed or not. East Coast friends, Paul and Holly have decided to cancel their Berkshires campout based on new data on transmissibility even with vaccination, and I think it's a perfect decision, and all our love to Paul and Holly. (Wonkmeet)

Babbies in Portland.

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