The Cost Of Being A Bridesmaid! Tabs, June 8, 2022

The Cost Of Being A Bridesmaid! Tabs, June 8, 2022

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Department of Homeland Security says it's Threat Level Watch Out, domestic terrorists be domestic terrorizing. (NBC News)

More from Heather Cox Richardson on the Proud Boys indictment Liz wrote at you yesterday. — Letters From an American

North Carolina lieut gov saying asshole words with his asshole mouth again, women should be led by men and "King David not Davita" edition. Regarding asshole's proposition that when it was time to kill a giant, God called on a man, Judith would like a head.


I read the litany of abhorrent bullshit that George Zimmerman's tried since he shot and killed Trayvon Martin, and it's just fuckin sad. Blech. (Did we know though that Larry Klayman is his lawyer? Really, they're made for each other.) — Yahoo

Sorry, I can't get over how much Matthew McConaughey sounds like George W. Bush at the beginning of his White House press briefing when he talks about American valewwwws. But sure yes important good:

Don't forget the March for Our Lives is this Saturday. Find your local event, and if you're at the Detroit Riverwalk from noon to 3 p.m., find us with the WONKETTE banner and come wish Donna Rose a happy seventh birthday! — Find a March

This is a fabulous talk with "The OC" and (more importantly to me) "Southland" actor Ben Someone about why crypto is some bullshits; the former econ major is a total nerd and I love it. (New York mag)

Thank God all those poor CEOs were able to scratch a little bit back during the boffo year of 2021. — Popular Info

Chase Strangio is the ACLU's point man on trans rights, and he is handsome. Would you like to know more? (Advocate)

The Depp Heard trial is a gag order for women. Sobering and sad at the Washington Post (gift link).


Okay but for real, the cost of being a bridesmaid is dumb. (I guess, having only been a bride ;) )— Dame

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