The Coulter Doth Protest Too Much?

coulterdeutsch.jpgSadly, we're not done with Ann Coulter. Happily, we have worthwhile gossip to spread. In honor of this day I offer: The Ana Marie Cox Memorial Anonymous Sex Rumor.

Tammy Bruce -- conservative writer, former president of NOW in Los Angeles, former KFI-AM radio talk show host -- is said to be a lover of Ann Coulter. Bruce has always disclosed on her radio show that she is a full-on lesbian. It's said that Coulter and Bruce were seen at a women's bar on "little Santa Monica Blvd" called Palms just west of La Cienega in West Hollywood.

For her to trash Bill Clinton about him being gay seems strange, unless you recall Newt Gingrich pushing "family values" when he has had three wives and was dating his third wife while married to his first wife.

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-- David Weigel


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