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Ready for some Nice Things? You bet your ass you are. Wash your hands again and take a break from the news, you!

Fidèle The Bruges Canal Dog

One of the nice things about doing Nice Things is that it's an excuse to just say, "OMG have you seen this? This is so neat!" Even if it's nothing especially new or timely. That's the case with Fidèle, a big ol' yellow Labrador retriever who lived (2003-2016) at the Côté Canal B&B in Bruges, Belgium. Apparently, every tourist who ever saw him took a photo, which you'd kind of have to, seeing as how he liked to nap or just watch the world go by from a window overlooking the Groenerei canal. It sounds like a symbiotic viewing relationship: Fidèle got a steady supply of canal boats to watch, or ignore, and people on the boats got to take pictures of the doggy. His human, Caroline Van Langeraet, said the window was his favorite spot, and that after he appeared for about two seconds in the movie In Bruges, he got fan mail from the US.

Fidèle went big on Twitter all over again last week when a Twitter person posted photeaux of the famous dogger (reposting content from an account in Espanol, it appears) :

And of course because dogs don't last as long as they deserve to, everybody who'd just met Fidèle was bummed when "Amy" noted in a follow-up that he'd died in 2016. Van Lagaraet told a Dutch News site that he'd "died as we know him, with his head between his paws," and as dogs' lives go, it sure seems he'd had one of the best. But wow, what a lot of photos the post unleashed, as it were, especially when "Amy" was retweeted by We Rate Dogs (if you aren't following We Rate Dogs, what is wrong with you?). So many pics of a serene, gorgeous Fidèle in a serene, gorgeous setting!

Enhance! The first four pix are from "Amy's" post there; we'll credit the others with links to their originating tweets, so you can see all the Fidèle without tweetstuff getting in the way.

How much was that doggie in the window loved? Hell of a lot!



Manuel Gómez twote, "After photographing him many times in his window, on November 22, 2014 I was lucky to see him walking with his owner and I was able to take a picture with him." MOBILE FIDELE!

Ruth Jorolan

Courtney Wilburn

'She Can Nooget'

'old age katsu'

'old age katsu'

"Best part of Bruges," said "mountain midge"

And sure, he was in that movie; we've cued up the pivotal scene from the trailer:

In Bruges

Also, an ad for Godiva, which, without changing his coat at all, made Fidèle a chocolate lab.

For more on Fidèle, see this lovely 2016 Town and Country piece, as well as this'n at Zigzagging and this Bored Panda roundup of Fidèle pics, plus other dogs-n-cats in windows.

And if anyone has seen any information on whether any of Fidèle's pillows ended up in the canal, please let me know.

Gimme Gimme Fun Twitter Stuff!

Kevin Gannon's big ol' mastiff Yoshi has seriously flexible face parts.

I still haven't played this silly game.

This tweet is from 2015 but is still excellent shorthand for the general mood of Twitter:

Next week, now that I have Fidèle out of the way, I'ma bring y'all more on Australia's best funny fake news.

Walter the journalism dog update:

Do not taunt happy fun moose.

I saved a million parodies of that dumb tweet by Rep. Paul Gosar, DDS R-Arizona. Here are a few.

OK, I won't post the rest.

America will get through this. With cat plctures, of course.

Also true.

Are you following Dick King-Smith? He wrote the book The Sheep-Pig, which got adapted into a little indy flick called Babe. He also has a hella good Twitter account.

He's also very conscientious about linking to the original sources of the videos he tweets. Best Practices! And he retweets good stuff too.

And finally, Horny Dentistry. This is clearly a far better dentist than Paul Gosar.

May we all find the toothbrush we need, and become a foamy mess of spit.

Happy Sunday, you!

[Town and Country / Zigzagging / Bored Panda]

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