The Dangers Of Excessive Earwax! Tabs, Mon., April 18, 2022

I unironically love this song, and even my excessively hip little brother (40) does too. By Martini Ambassador as usual!

MAGA DeSantisites blockading the Disney World entrances now. I would think Disney's towtrucks would respond with NO QUARTER. (Blog Mickey)

Florida pulling math books for being Critical Race Theory. No, they're not kidding. — Axios

A new abortion clinic? In Wyoming? Friends, be careful out there! (Wyoming News) If you read that story, you'll meet state Sen. Anthony Bouchard, a pro-life Wisconsin fella running against Liz Cheney for US House. You may remember him from the time he knocked up a 14-year-old, married her, and she killed herself before she was 20. (Casper Star Tribune)

The moral arc of America is long but it bends towards justice, right? Well, let's look at Reconstruction, Obergefell, "groomers," and the Supreme Court. — Tom Scocca, Indignity

The GOP is going to genocide us, QAnon-styley. As usual, I don't listen to podcasts, let me know how it was!

So ... new Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg seems like a really great guy actually. (New York mag)

We have just been absolutely boning the Millennials. — Business Insider

Is there anything here in what Canada's doing about housing that we could look at? I DON'T KNOW!!! Seems like their housing is just as fucked as ours at the moment! I like a couple of these though at least!

Curbing unfair practices that drive up the price of housing, in order to level the playing field for young and middle class Canadians by imposing a two-year ban on foreign capital coming into Canada to buy residential real estate; taking steps to ensure property flippers pay their fair share of taxes; taxing all assignment sales of newly constructed and substantially renovated homes; and working with provinces and territories to develop and implement a Home Buyers’ Bill of Rights and bring forward a national plan to end blind bidding.

Plus more at Justin Trudeau's official site.

Ban HOAs. (ProPublica)

How to fight the affordable housing crisis and climate change at once? Well click click, Vox!

This roasted tomato mozzarella pasta salad looks delicious. — Better Homes & Gardens

Holy shit, too much earwax can make you DEMENTIA. WTF! (Scientific American)

MIT scientists got a new drug and it might reverse hearing loss? Have they considered just getting the wax out? — Sci Tech Daily

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