The Day After Tomorrow: Not Scientific, Biased

scary_scaryThe right-wing hate machine -- or, as we like to think of it, "the conservative irritation gadget" -- has been producing some low-level noise about last weekend's biggest, dumbest action movie, "The Day After Tomorrow." Their main complaint seems to be that it's not realistic, which will come as a surprise only to those who believe that Bruce Willis saved the world from a gigantic asteroid a few years ago. Their other complaint is that the movie is unrealistic in a way that favors Democratic policy and villainizes Republicans, which will come as as a surprise only to those believe that "The West Wing" is still just a part of a White House building.

Regarding this last point, we saw the movie over the weekend (we love big dumb things) and we're not sure what they're so worked up about. As a piece of anti-global warming agitprop, it's less than inspiring: Though the Cheney stand-in (or, as we think he's referred to in the script, "Vice President Asshole") does wind up changing his energy policy, it's after the entire United States is encased in ice, a sacrifice somewhat beyond than the "If it's yellow, let it mellow," level most liberals are comfortable with.

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