The Day Sarah Palin Scraped Off Her Makeup

The Day Sarah Palin Scraped Off Her Makeup

Much like her political cousin Gordon Brown, Alaskan anger bear Sarah Palin loves to slather on the makeup with a trowel. But when she finally takes it off at the end of a hard night's twitterin', the results are NOT what's best for Alaska.

Hunters from the Alaskan coastal town of Wainwright first noticed the dark, shiny substance floating for miles in the icy Arctic waters of the Chukchi sea, according to reports in the Anchorage Daily News.

The odorous substance, which has been described variously as "gooey," "gunky" and "hairy" has been also been found of the coast of Barrow, 72 miles north east of Wainwright.

Samples of the huge "gobs of gunk" were taken on Friday by officials from the North Slope Borough, who flew out to Wainwright with the US Coast Guard to investigate. Jelly fish and a dead goose were found tangled up in stands of the substance.

Arctic sea full of huge blobs of floating 'goo' [Telegraph]


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