The Dirty Harry Retirement Plan

* The Justice Dept. has a new jihad. [NYT]

* The focus on the war has in fact blurred as Democratic leaders have spent most of their time harassing Mexicans instead. [NYT]

* This new primary schedule is making it hard for candidates to be folksy and charming in so many different places at once. Pretty soon we're going to be picking our nominees based on nothing more than how they seem on teevee .... [WP]

* GOP issues new YouTube conscious playbook so they're not caught on tape, say, calling some a "negroid" or something along those lines. [Politico]

* Barrack Obama's lawyer is a political retard. [The Hill]

* Marion Barry's most recent DUI is dismissed because, it's fucking Marion Barry for God's sake. [WP]

* Apparently, Pebble Beach doesn't need a new golf course, even if it belongs to Clint Eastwood. [LAT]


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