The Duke-Stir Likes the Ladies

LavalampDetails of the lifestyle Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham financed with bribes continue to unfold. The cars, the houses, the boats, the... furniture. Imagine: a California congressman spent $7000 on antiques, and it's not David Dreier. Makes you suspicious, though, no? Come on, the man's name is "Duke." Yet, it appears that the only thing queer about Randy "Duke" Cunningham was his accounting. CorpWatch reports that Cunningham was fond of the ladies, inviting them "to his yacht. There, two of them told Copley News Service, he would change into pajama bottoms and a turtleneck sweater to entertain them with chilled champagne by the light of his favorite lava lamp." Cunningham then burbled that he was "very important," and told he had "many leather-bound books," while his "apartment smells of rich mahogany."

US: Rep. Randy Cunningham’s Corruption Put Troops at Risk [CorpWatch]


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