The Ecstasy of Saint Dobbs

Dobbs.gifOMG! OMG! Lou Dobbs is on TV right now, talking about how the Congress shut down the ports deal and he's so totally cute that I just want to put him in my pocket! His idealism is all alit and he's pumping his fists and he's trying to get Kyra Phillips to hop on the new day in America train with him.

He's talking about how government has "responded to the will of the people" and how partisanship has been "set aside" and how a "fresh wind is blowing in Washington." He doesn't seem to realize that all we've just witnessed is an elaborate Rovian pageant designed to help those who are standing for re-election this year to have a big fat "stood up to the President" line-item on their resume. He doesn't even seem to notice that the Democrats have once again mistaken a "Bush mistake" for a "Democrat victory." He's just blissfully unaware and happy and SO EFFING ADORABLE!!

Oh, Lou. You complete us. Just remember one thing about that "fresh wind," sweetie: he who smelt it, dealt it.


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