The Elvis Gaggle -- 36 Grams of Fun

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When two world leaders come together to, in the words of expert pooler Joseph Curl, celebrate "the power of freedom and democracy" by "pay[ing] tribute to a drug-addled sex addict who died on the toilet," magic happens. Continuing our blanket coverage of the goofiest World Summit since Yalta, here are excerpts from today's AF1 gaggle:

Q Did you hear the Prime Minister say anything this morning, like, I really want to go to the jungle room?

MR. SNOW: No, I haven't, but I'm sure he's anticipating it as eagerly as the rest of us are.

Q Is the President wearing anything Elvis-y?

MR. SNOW: No. Neither of them is wearing Elvis-y regalia. That has been only staffers who have been reduced to wearing bad sunglasses.

So much more ("they're working out or getting drunk -- we're not sure"), after the jump.

MR. SNOW: Questions?

Q How long have you owned those sunglasses?

MR. SNOW: I borrowed them from Deckard. I'm not going to spend money on them, but I'll gladly wear them for this flight.


Q -- is there Elvis music, movies?

MR. SNOW: I don't know if you heard it, but there's Elvis -- we were playing Elvis music when you came on board.

Q You can't hear it back here.

MR. SNOW: Elvis music was being played through the PA. There are, but have not yet been played, there are DVDs of "Love Me Tender," and "Viva Las Vegas," and I am not aware that they have yet been requested by anybody in the forward cabin, or, for that matter, in the staff cabin, but they are available for viewing.

Q Do you know what song was playing when he came on? Was it a specific song --

MR. SNOW: It was an Elvis compilation album. I remember hearing "Love Me Tender," and "Don't Be Cruel," but I'm sure there were plenty more.

Q Are they both excited about meeting Elvis when they get to Graceland and having a chance to talk to the King for a while?

MR. SNOW: Well, I think they are going to view the alleged grave site. (Laughter.)


Q Is it true we're going to have peanut butter and banana sandwiches?

MR. SNOW: We'll have peanut butter and banana sandwiches which, apparently, have 36 grams of fat.

Q -- they're having?

MR. SNOW: Up in the aft cabin, they have been -- that is one of the breakfast options. And some brave staffers have tried it.

Q What is the President --

MR. SNOW: I think the President is having a healthier diet than the --

Q What about the Prime Minister?

MR. SNOW: I didn't see what the Prime Minister ate, but I'm willing to bet -- I'd rather not speak out of turn. I will inquire as to whether they tried and peanut butter and fried bananas. Although, on the menu it appears as "ripped" bananas. We are not sure what that means.

Q -- working out?

MR. SNOW: They're working out or getting drunk -- we're not sure which it is. But in any event, it's 36 grams of fat and apparently those eating it feel each and every one of those grams as they eat them.

Press Gaggle [White House]


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