The End (Of The World)?

Here's a picture from our Wonkette "Saturday" operative. It is the worst car in the world, and America should be ashamed of it. It's "rallying" around the DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee at some Marriott in northwest Washington D.C., along with various comical Hilltards and tragically counter-protesting Obamatards. Somehow the only result of the meeting will be the War in Iran. But are they making any progress? Perchance!

It's likely, after presentations from Hillary surrogate Sen. Bill "Your Grandfather" Nelson and Obama surrogate Rep. Robert "Cocaine" Wexler, that a compromise has been reached -- perhaps even before the meeting began -- to seat Florida's entire delegation with each delegate receiving a half-vote. That would give Hillary a +19 advantage, and then we could all go on vacation.

If not for Michigan!

Whaddabout Michigan? According to the Huffington Post's Sam Stein, there's a compromise on the table that has the most *likely* chance of passing--

(Oh God, C-SPAN is taking calls from Clinton supporters and IT IS ASTONISHING.)

But the most likely Michigan compromise involves the other candidates who dropped off the ballot -- Edwards, Biden, Richardson -- agreeing to give their would-be votes to Obama, and the 40% that voted for "Uncommitted" on the ballot would count for him. Then the full delegation would be seated ("appeasing" angry Michigan Sen. Carl Levin's demands), netting Hillary 10 delegates.

To the Rules and Bylaws Committee: PLEASE DO THIS AND THEN LET'S ALL GO OUT FOR MARGARITAS. Lanny Davis can pay, if he ever stops crying.

Here are more pictures of these nutjobs outside the meeting:

This person will actually destroy the world:

The meeting is expected to end late in the evening on May 31, 2234.

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[Last Two Photos: AP]


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