The End Times?

A lump forms in my throat and tears appear in my eyes at the slightest mention of Capitol Hill staffers. They are the bright-eyed, bushy-tailed idealists who bring the energy and hope to our democracy each morning. I believe the children are our future and all that.

Or not. From Roll Call:

Lobbyists, headhunters and Capitol Hill aides speculate that a mini-exodus of staffers from both sides of the aisle may be coming as a result [of a doubling of the one-year lobbying ban for former staffers]. The lobby ban may not be the only potential reform drawing staffers downtown, either. Congressional aides and lobbyists say that the ongoing discussion of other bans, or tougher restrictions, on free travel and entertainment will make working on Capitol Hill less appealing.

So, there you go. Rather than Washington, Jefferson, and Lincoln, today's staffers more likely look up to Abramoff, DeLay, and Ney.

Although I must admit, I've also been hearing about them not letting staffers eat and telling them to work in the dark. That does seem a bit extreme. (E-mail below the jump.)

Reform Talk May Spur Hill Exodus [Roll Call]

This morning's e-mail to all House staff:

From: House Emergency Communications Center

To: All House Staff

Sent: Thu Jan 26 06:59:16 2006

Subject: Longworth Building Operating Status

Last evening's power outage was caused by a blown Pepco transformer. Power supply to the House campus, specifically to the Longworth Building, has continued to be impacted. Pepco is replacing the transformer and has estimated that this work will not be completed until Thursday evening.

The Longworth building will be open for normal office operations, however, the House Building Superintendent is taking steps to conserve power usage during the repairs.

All food service facilities in Longworth will not be open today, Thursday, January 26, 2006. The escalators between the Longworth and Rayburn buildings will not be operational. Some Longworth elevators will be turned off.

Longworth offices are requested to conserve power by turning on only those lights and equipment necessary to conduct business.

As updated information is received from Pepco, the situation will be updated via e-mail messages.

Any questions may be directed to the House Building Superintendent at 5-4141.


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