Adam Kinzinger Isn't Your BFF, And Chuck Todd Still Sucks

The Sunday shows were back at it again this week, looking like news but offering no new information.

Let's jump in.

Adam Kinzinger Is Not Your BFF

Illinois GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger has gotten a lot of praise for being anti-Donald Trump and anti-coup. This has made him a favorite of news shows that pride themselves on their "neutrality."

On CNN's "State Of The Union" this weekend, Kinzinger came to mostly talk about the House's January 6 Committee.

But when Jake Tapper asked why he's voted against voting rights legislation, since he says he cares so much about democracy, Kinzinger reverted to Republican form.

KINZINGER: Look, you can call a bill the Voting Rights Act, and then left-wing Twitter goes nuts about this, by the way, and they can say, you voted against voting rights, without even looking to the details of this. So, the quick details, the Voting Rights Act in the mid-'60s came out with a temporary provision called preclearance, which required certain states to get clearance for any changes to any election system that they did. That went on into perpetuity. It was intended to be temporary. In 2013, the U.S. Supreme Court threw that provision out and said history changes. We can't keep pretending like it's 1965. And so, for the last eight years, we have not had that provision in.

And that's the problem, because racism isn't actually solved, despite how Republicans like to claim it's so. White supremacists stormed the Capitol in 2021, as Kinzinger might recall, as he's on the committee investigating that. Chief Justice John Roberts has been proven wrong, wrong, wrong, and it's abundantly clear those states still need adult supervision.

But rather than being honest about what's happening, Kinzinger decided to blame "both sides":

KINZINGER: The problem is -- I admonish my side all the time about playing politics. The Democrats have to quit playing politics on some of this too. You can call it the "For the People Act," which was the other one. [...] If we actually went into this as adults with real discussions, I think we can solve stuff. But, instead, we just wait for these Twitter comments of Adam voted against whatever. And then I can put a bill out there, the God and Puppies Act, and see people vote against that, and say they're against God and puppies.

While Kinzinger tried to minimize the need for voting rights legislation while trying to blame both parties, only one party is changing laws, after enough people made it through existing GOP voter suppression barriers to elect President Joe Biden and Democratic senators in Georgia and Arizona.

Adam Kinzinger is proof that (much like Liz Cheney), at heart he is still a Republican.

Chuck Todd Still Sucks

Over on NBC's "Meet The Press," Chuck Todd started the show with some good old conservative talking points:

Ah, it's the old "why haven't you fixed the problems?" argument Republicans keep making while actively making them worse. The difference is that saying it on one of the nation's oldest news shows as a "fact," it makes this lie the veneer of credibility.

Asa Hutchinson Tap Dances

Todd then had on Arkansas GOP Governor Asa Hutchinson who opposes government vaccine mandates, for reasons.

HUTCHINSON: Well, the principal reason is that the whole debate on mandates takes away from the efficacy of the vaccines themselves and our push to increase vaccination rates.

This argument was so bad even Todd caught it.

TODD: After the vaccine mandate was announced and you had companies like Tyson and Walmart in your state, essentially, announce their own vaccine mandates, vaccine acceptance went up 30 percent, you got 46 percent of the state now. Is that not evidence that the mandates [...] have had an impact?

HUTCHINSON: Well, absolutely, it does indicate that. And it's not just there, but our healthcare workers. Many of our hospitals have put in a requirement for vaccines and the rate goes up. So, yes, there is an effectiveness there. And so, let me make it clear that when I say I don't believe we ought to be engaging in mandates, I'm speaking of the government mandates, whether it's a federal government mandate or a state government mandate.

Yes, much like seatbelts lose their effectiveness because they are required by governments, and not by Tyson chicken.

We Think That's Enough Sunday Shows

Any more could be a hazard to our health!

Have a week.

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