The EvacuationGate Debate Continues

Reporting on today's mass hysteria at the Capitol has done little to clarify whether Hill denizens behaved like bored middle school students during a fire drill (Fox's contention) or if they ran away like little girls scared of some huge symbolic penis (what heard at first).

One Wonkette operative reports that "the goddamn cops on the 2nd floor of the cannon building were basically yelling at us to run out of the building.... i tried walking, which just got me yelled at even more."

A second operative writes that others were also above the whole "running" thing:

About 5 minutes before the all clear was signaled, Brownback and his staff started walking back.  A police officer tried to stop him, but Brownback blew him off with 'don't bother me' type of hand wave and continued on.
We think our operative my be confusing the "don't bother me" type hand wave with the "Fuck it, I know I'm going to heaven" one. Either way: very smooth.

UPDATE here.

Two in Custody After Capitol Plane Scare [AP/Yahoo]


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