The Evolution of a Bush Appointee

I truly love what she's done with herselfThis is Sue Schwab and she is the United States Trade Representative. She does all sorts of important things with her days, I'm sure, but it's kinda of technical and wonk-y and I've been warned. So, let's talk about her clothes!

You see, when Sue was first nominated, I was working on trade policy issues (and so everyone in my circle was talking about her) and there were more than a few whispers in town that girlfriend needed to upgrade her wardrobe. One woman even said in front of me that she had to work to look more like the leader of an agency and less like a bureaucrat who shops at Marshalls (though I, personally, love Marshalls and bought 75% of my business suits of the sale rack at the Macy's in Pentagon City, so I'm in no position to judge).

So, when I saw this picture, I was so totally excited that she's finally looking really good (and making that hand gesture, which I'm sure has nothing to do with anyone's penis size) and realized that, perhaps, everyone else doesn't know how far she's come. Below, please observe the evolution of Sue.

Photos courtesy of the Associated Press. [Washington Post]


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