salingerfront.jpgPresident Bush's nephew Pierce, recently took to the letters page of the Houston Chronicle to offer his uncle a measure of support on the Dubai ports matter. Yesterday, in a telephone interview with the Chronicle, Bush related his reasoning for leaving Georgetown University for the relatively removed environment of UT-Austin.

"Half the reason I wanted to leave Georgetown is that I was kind of burnt out by politics," he said. "Living in Washington for a year and a half, you kind of see what kind of BS it is."

He added:

"My uncle is this guy with all this power and he gets blamed for everything."

Jeez, dude! I know! It's a total bummer! You finally have the chance to have a hand in decisions that affect the lives of millions of people, but when you make those decisions, everybody's all: bitch, bitch, bitch! I saw those hurricane shelters. Those people never had it so good!

Oh well, it sounds like you'll have a lot to think about while you're summering in Riyadh!

Nephew takes stand in support of Bush [Houston Chronicle]


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