The Fabulous Life of Michael Scanlon and His Beard

Hell, it's been a slow day. Let's just post some random unattributed gossip.

The "Manicurist" who SCAM-LON married is [you probably don't need to know her name] form Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. A Graduate of Cape Henelopen High School class of 93 or 94.

She is a red head. He met here while "flexing" as a lifeguard during the summer in Rehoboth Beach.

Locals would rate her a 5 on a scale of 10, "certainly nothing that you would stop and look twice at as she walked by" said a local restaurant owner [catty!]. "Really great with her hands" states another.

Her father who now does not work, owned a general contracting business.

They drive "His and Her" Range Rovers [natch].

She has large Quantities of fresh flowers delivered weekly by Pacific Florist of Rehoboth Beach.

What has not been reported is the enormous profits they have made on their Real Estate transactions in Sussex County Delaware. Paying the Indians back 19 million is a joke compared to what they made buying and selling Real Estate in a very hot market in Sussex County Delaware. On One Beach front mansion located Ocean front on St Louis Street they "allegedly" pocketed a cool 6 million !!!!! Large tracts of prime land in Georgetown, Delaware. The rumor is not one but 3 Biz Jets out on leases but still owned by the Duo. Have to have a jets to go to the property in ST. BARTS in the Caribbean.

[wife's] Mother works at Superior Title Service which handles allegedly handles all the transactions "discreetly." Much of the property is titled in [...] the "Manicurist's" name.

And now you know the rest of the story.

We're still not buying that Scanlon's a breeder, though. Details, manicures... doesn't add up.

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Bang the Manicurist Slowly


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