The Fartknocker Report: Sarah Palin To Save All The Anchor Babies From Mean Obama, Wait What?

Let's see, which warmed-over, 30-day-old story should we choose for this week's Sarah Palin Fartknocker Report, Presented By Fartknocker?

Oooh, this one looks fun! It's a video about "maternity hotels," which are places in U.S. America where THE YELLOW MENACE comes to pop out their job-stealing anchor babbies. The Tundra Grifter is right to point out that this odious practice ought to be banned, and you'd think she'd be pleased to hear that President Nobummer raided 37 "maternity hotels" in California last month. Ha ha, the idea that Sarah Palin would give Barack Obama credit for doing what she said he should do, this is famous joke among Yr Wonket's people. Let's go to the tape!

These maternity hotels aren't necessarily against the law! [cuts to dickhead from the nativist Center for Immigration Studies complaining about "America's lax citizenship laws" from behind three chins] A Homeland Security special agent said it's not necessarily illegal to come here to have the baby, but if you lie about your reasons for coming here, that's visa fraud.

Sure is, Sarah! Good thing, then, that the Kenyan Usurper's jackbooted thugs are pursuing visa fraud charges against the operation's ringleaders, don't you think? Let's blockquote from the New York Times story linked above, since Palin appears not to have read it.

On Tuesday [Author's Note: That's Tuesday MORE THAN A MONTH AGO, because news still travels to Alaska via coastal paddle steamer], dozens of federal agents raided upscale apartment complexes — and the business owners’ homes — in Orange, Los Angeles and San Bernardino Counties, looking for documents, computer records and other evidence of tax and immigration fraud.

Well, sure, that's what they say, but can Sarah Palin really take the Obama Administration at its word? Of course she can't — if she did, she'd lose half of her total run-time for the week, and it might become apparent that she is running out of things to say. Can't have that.

So rather than admitting that Obama did the right thing, Palin goes on to detail allegations of other crimes in the "maternity hotel" industry — money laundering, marriage fraud, tax fraud — and then says, "obviously, they need to be stopped," seemingly unaware that in the case of these particular visa-fraud scammers, they have already been stopped. By Barack Obama. Who, according to Palin, is responsible for nothing but lawlessness and the inexorable decline of this once-great nation.

Then Palin starts talking about how great America is, and she includes a stock photo of a soldier, his young-looking wife, and a child in a cowboy hat who, we presume, was conceived within the confines of holy matrimony.

I'm proud that we've created a country that is so amazing that people will do almost anything to get here and to belong here. But no, we can't allow people to game the system, effectively jumping the immigration line to get ahead of those who do play by the rules. Without the rule of law, we won't remain the exceptional nation that so many people want to immigrate to.

Goddammit, Obama, when are you going to start ordering ICE to enforce the rule of law, the way Sarah Palin says you did but implies you didn't? Tune in next week when Governor Quitterface will tell the President to stop hitting himself.

Video below, hate-watching, etc.

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