Oh yeah, by the way, the federal govenment now wants to watch you conduct your Facebook chats and such. Will it follow you on Twitter?! No, mostly Barack Obama will just install a chip in Glenn Greenwald's brain that stops him from reporting THIS KIND OF STUFF:

The new law would not expand the Government's legal authority to eavesdrop -- that's unnecessary, since post-9/11 legislation has dramatically expanded those authorities -- but would require all communications, including ones over the Internet, to be built so as to enable the U.S. Government to intercept and monitor them at any time when the law permits. In other words, Internet services could legally exist only insofar as there would be no such thing as truly private communications; all must contain a "back door" to enable government officials to eavesdrop

CIVIL LIBERTIES! Yeah, we were interested in that at one time. But now if we can trust that Mark Zuckerburg with our secret that we killed a guy in a park in 1994, surely we can trust the government with this.



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