The Fine Art Of A First Date At A Bar Or Restaurant! Tabs, Fri., April 29, 2022

The Fine Art Of A First Date At A Bar Or Restaurant! Tabs, Fri., April 29, 2022

Tabs gif by your friend Martini Ambassador!

How a dissident and her daughters escaped Russia. (STL Jewish Light)

How to become a trillionaire, without even having to get a trillion dollars! Read this one even though it's at Medium.

You Can Be a Millionaire

Unions making their biggest gains since the 1960s!

Erica Smiley: The thing that I've seen motivates people the most is winning, even if it's a very small thing. Ten or 15 years ago, we ran an online campaign to help an elderly worker at a Walmart in Florida get a stool. It was his second job and he needed the job, but he wanted to be able to sit down and he was a greeter. When the store said no, we ran a campaign to get the man a stool. That whole store signed up. All of a sudden everybody was ready to do something, and we got him a stool. That's our job as organizers: to show workers that when we're in motion together, we win.

Get him a fucking stool. The end. Yahoo

How bad is the Wisconsin redistricting? Like oof you would not believe it bad! Wisconsin is literally a 50/50 state, and yet the Republicans drew themselves a supermajority. (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

How to fight back while they're snuffing democracy in your town! — Daily Kos

Mike Lindell and Alan Dershowitz suing to outlaw voting machines, and I'm not against it. At the very fucking least, mandate a goddamn paper receipt! — Liz at Above the Law

Yay, gonna have a measlepocalypse! Congratulations, world! (World Health Organization)

Here's who should get a second booster, it is "everybody over 50," so "all Wonkers, pretty much." — Scientific American

Lubbock, Texas, is doing some cool shit with its free American Rescue Plan money, mostly involving "giving other people free American Rescue Plan money." (Fox 34)

Who else loves "Rehab Addict," oh we all do hooray! Ransom Gillis house pictures, HGTV.

Speaking of "Rehab Addict," I am (or am not!) buying a house and the title's all fucked up and I may not be buying it after all, and I literally do not understand, after a hundred articles, how "title insurance" works. My seller lady had title insurance! The title company went out of business. Why aren't all liens and deeds and whatnot just recorded by the state? Why is there this middleman? Who fuckin knows! (Detour Detroiter)

Okay, but these are some pretty good business cards. — Doc Journals

You heard the headline! First date at bar or restaurant, fine art thereof! (Food and Wine)

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