The FNAFA: Counter-Programming Against Marriage Sunday

Let's talk national priorities. Homeland security? Feh. Genocide in the Sudan? Boorrrring. The CIA's broken corporate culture? Yawn. Gay marriage? Bring it on. Seriously, there is no one who would rather talk about ass-fucking more than us, but even we're having a hard time understanding why this subject is fit for debate on the senate floor. And don't give us "it's about protecting the sanctity of marriage" crap. We suspect that Bill Frist and Rick Santorum enjoy Cinemax After Dark-style girl-on-girl action and "Will and Grace" as much as the next person. As we've pointed out before: It's the butt-sex that, ahem, makes them uncomfortable. If you're gonna muck-up the Constitution with amendments that focus on people's privates, you should at least be honest about it, which is why we endorse the campaign started by our stepblog Fleshbot: Screw the Family Research Council's commemoration of "Marriage Sunday" -- celebrate "Ass-Fucking Friday."

Ass Fucking Friday [Fleshbot]

Senate takes up fight on banning gay marriages [Chicago Tribune]


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