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Interesting tick-tock on how you secret a US president into a war zone. Firstly, yes we told the Russians Old Handsome Joe was coming so there could be no "accidents," since we would hate to have to nuke them off the face of the earth because of "accident." Also, the air raid alarms are voiced by Mark Hamill, so that is NERRRRRRDS dot gif. (AP)

The security implications of giving Tucker Carlson all the January 6 footage (Wonklink) AREN'T GREAT BOB! — Marcy at Emptywheel

Jen Psaki was pissed that Melania was in the Situation Room, but of greater note is look at how many ads are on this website, Political Flare, and then thank me again for not having those here, with your money :D

California killin' it in after-school programs! All other states doing not that! (Vox)

Ron DeSantis said it is a lie that all the school library shelves are empty, but it is not a lie! Then he fired the permanent substitute for taking a video of all the empty school library shelves, as one does. (Popular Info)

Michigan Republicans chose Kristina Karamo to head up the state party (Bulwark), and as legit nuts as she is (Vice), she's no crazier than the last state co-chair, Meshawn Maddock, who's married to an equally insane person in the state Lege. (Bridge MI)

The investment companies buying up every possible house in Atlanta. Why yes, your rent is going to go up while the maintenance on your place gets worse and worse! When they're hidden behind a shell company, nobody can make them fix your shit. And the law in Georgia is on their side. (Atlanta Journal Constitution)

Oh by the way, high urban rents are bad! It's the housing theory of everything. — Annie Lowrey at The Atlantic

We're making shell companies illegal now for real estate though right? Didn't I hear Elizabeth Warren do something about that? Yes, yes we are, fuck you shell companies! (Old CNBC) Anyway, Church of Latter Day Saints had a fuckload of shell companies it was hiding shit in, and now they have an SEC fine :( (NBC News)

Three billion and change for public housing investments that aren't Fannie Mae giving below-market loans to those chuds from the AJC story above. — HUD

Seven Black-owned urban farms! I love urban farms! I particularly love Black people owning things! — Blavity

These foods last forevvverrr and I love J. Kenji Lopez-Alt for telling us all about them. — Gift ink New York Times!

Who's out the rest of the week for FIFTIETH BIRTHDAY on Saturday? I ... how? Okay bye!

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