The Food You Love Will Reveal Which Fictional Man You Belong With. Tabs, Tues., May 26, 2020

Tabs gifs by Martini Ambassador!

An interesting compendium from the Salt Lake Tribune on how coronavirus spreads fastest. (Be like the president. Don't go to church.)

How Trump shoved every coronavirus person into the same security line from Europe. It wasn't awesome! (Wait till you get to the Kushner/Stephen Miller part, because of course.) (Washington Post)

The people we aren't including in the death toll. (New York Times)

Related: The meat plants won't say how many workers are sick. — NYT

The coronavirus has made Trump's deficiencies more apparent. Dahlia Lithwick writes, you read. — Slate

Hey Jacinda Ardem, what's up.

New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern's live TV interview interrupted by magnitude-5.8 earthquake

Trump's lethal aversion to reading. (The Week)

A federal court struck down Florida's poll tax. This is EXCELLENT news. — Campaign Legal

Guys! Let's buy medical debt!

The old men who run the newspaper that won't let Tulsa forget the massacre. (LA Times)

Oh Christ, El Paso holds birthday party for youngest Walmart shooting survivor. — HuffPost

OAN tried to sue Rachel Maddow for defamation I guess. It did not go their way. — Decision

Washington Post looks at the four-day workweek. I'm thinking maybe yes!

How to share food safely. — NYT

Um clean your dishwasher filter. (Buzzfeed)

Carole Lombard, Hollywood's first WWII casualty. Well okay, Variety!

Best house! Scroll down! (Zillow)

I think we should all have matching Obama prints.

Four far-out carbon removal projects. (Grist)

Grilled shishito peppers.

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