The French Got It Right

* Bush knows how to undermine public confidence in, well, himself. [The Plank]

* Larry Craig gets some company in his re-election campaign. [Election Central]

* The British pullout of Basra came completely unexpectedly and could in no way have been planned in advance. [Radar Online]

* Maybe the reason why our ports aren't secure is because they leave it to the bloggers to inspect them. [Redstate]

* Not only are illegal aliens the new soccer moms, they are also the new values voter and the new white man, too. [Hot Air]

* Candidates say they're dropping out of the Michigan primary to support the DNC, but we think it's because who the fuck wants to go to Detroit for any reason ever? [Political Wire]

* Cut the GOP some slack. We hate working five days a week too. [Think Progress]


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