The Fun's Not Over Yet?

Prison for Everyone! - WonketteWe need some Wonkette Operatives to start working this: Democrats allegedly have a real October Surprise on the way. What is it? How badly can they screw it up?

Bunch of wonky crap and your clever comments, after the jump.

The latest polls show the "opposition party" is way ahead in the 48 competitive congressional races -- including the 38 seats now held by the GOP. It's a slim double-digit lead in the "generic" polls: 11%.

Twice as many voters "strongly dissapprove" of Bush as "strongly approve" (44%-22%). The Dems can possibly pick up six Senate seats, according to today's numbers, and that takes care of that. Foley was a tawdry bonus; Iraq is still the No. 1 bummer.

Meanwhile, Rove's promised surprise has yet to surface. Starting a war with Iran may not even work, because there's not much surprise involved -- too many people suspect it's coming, and they're not any happier about that than they are about Iraq. And it's hard to imagine anybody without a Free Republic login would actually accept a "terror attack" a week before the election. Even Americans could figure that out.

So it's apparently left to the Dems to entertain us with a Surprise of some sort. Another crooked GOP senator or congressman is not going to do it; we already know they're all crooks. No sex scandal is going to be as lurid as Foley's. You can't really announce the impeachment plans in advance, because that's enough to freak out the depressed conservatives and get a few more of them to the polls.

Shutting up and standing aside while the White House and congressional leadership crumbles has been a pretty smart strategy so far, because then people don't have to think about Nancy Pelosi or whatever. The last thing you want is for the TV to be showing spineless hacks like Harry Reid jabbering bullshit right before the election. So what's left?

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