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You know Josh Hawley's accusation that Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson is a pedo lover is beyond full of shit. But how and why? Ian Millhiser with the detailed rebuttal, thank you Ian Millhiser. (Vox)

We should absolutely be worried, they're QAnoning everything. — Don Moynihan

Jesus fuck, Facebook.

The page’s aesthetic was cartoon cute: oversized eyes with long lashes, hearts, and pastels. The posts that made explicit references to photographed genitalia were gamified and spangled with emoticons: “See your age in this list? Type it into the replies and I’ll show ‘it’ to you.”

And you can't get the damn groups shut down. — "Facebook Has a Child Predation Problem," Wired.

Noah Smith on Cancel Technology. (Noahpinion)

A fifth of election officials are planning to leave their posts because of all the racism and death threats against their children. Why is Joe Biden silencing citizens (from threatening to kill people)? — Brennan Center

When you're in a hole stop digging, and in a world on fire stop burning things, and when you're the Six Million Dollar Man, we have the technology. (Bill McKibben in the New Yorker)

Fossil fuels make dictators. So much so that even The Nation opens its story with "As Vladimir Putin’s war continues to inflict widespread devastation on Ukraine and its people, the feeling of powerlessness only grows deeper for those of us witnessing images of war crimes on the news and social media." Yes, the The Nation whose Russia-bathing has made a whole lot of people stop reading The Nation.The Nation

I honestly believe this poor town council who thought they were approving a "data center," but who approved a crypto-mining factory instead, and it's ruining the entire town. To make literally nothing. You will never get me to understand the appeal. I understand it almost less than I understand the appeal of Trump. (Free link at Washington Post)

Meghan Markle's old bitch sister is a piece of shiiiiiiiiit. (Please don't comment that you don't care. The shocking racism of Meghan Markle's detractors is society's problem. And yes, we already know royalty is stupid and dumb.) A monthslong investigation into "how much of a piece of shiiiiiiit is Meghan Markle's old bitch sister" at Buzzfeed News.

Are there no tumbrels?

Vendors were hired (ten for the decor alone), a tent went up, and Held’s Arlington backyard—along with her mom’s lawn next door—were transformed into a whimsical garden party, a luxe bunny burrow for the most VIP of rabbits. Oversize fabric carrots and greenery hung like vegetative chandeliers, while pastel balloons and floral vines cascaded down the tent walls. Held rented vintage credenzas and carts to house stations with mini charcuterie boards, a flower Lego building, and trays of fresh-pressed-juice shots (carrot, naturally, but also beetroot and a kale/spinach/celery combo). She had laser-cut bunnies scattered throughout the yard, to echo the custom rabbit cookies and grinning hare perched atop the five-layer cake. And she commissioned a selfie wall. Exploding with silk hydrangeas, roses, and poppies, the installation took weeks to source and three days to construct. Add it all up and even with Held’s industry discounts, the fete cost $13,000.

That was the "bunny" themed birthday party for a six year old. It gets worse. (The pictures really are pretty though.) At Washingtonian.

Shut up, I love them. 40 Easter Table Settings. (Better Homes & Gardens)

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