The Good, Bad And Ugly Of This Week's Sunday Show Republicans!
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Republicans went on the Sunday shows this weekend. It didn't go well.

Take Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson's appearance on CBS's "Face The Nation."

As we mentioned a few days ago, Hutchinson has been trying to back off the rakes he stepped on when he signed a bill banning mask mandates in his state. He appeared on Sunday shows numerous times, always playing politics with a virus that doesn't give a damn about politics.

So we're having a hard time with his mea culpas:

HUTCHINSON: [W]e're pushing the vaccines out, but those under 12 cannot get vaccinated in the schools. And so I realized that we needed to have more options for our local school districts to protect those children. And so I asked the legislature to redo the law that prohibited those requirements or those options for the school districts to protect the children. And so it was an error to sign that law. I admit that. Thank goodness if the legislature did not act this week, which they didn't, the court stepped in and held that as unconstitutional. And now we have that local flexibility for schools to make their decision to protect the children based upon the unique circumstances of their district.

"Thank goodness a separate branch of government overrode my and my legislature's reckless idiocy" is not a thing you should hear from elected leaders. Especially when many of the same conditions that exist now existed in April when he signed the law. Children under 12 have never been authorized to take the vaccine and medical experts like Dr. Anthony Fauci warned that we needed to not ease up too early on restrictions in our race to vaccinate people.

Anyway, here's GOP Senator Rick Scott of Florida on "Fox News Sunday." His solution for how we stop the spread of Covid-19 is apparently let's do nothing and pray for the best.

SCOTT: Here's what I think government ought to do, give us good information. I mean here's what's been frustrating about this. This -- this -- since COVID started it's been all political. Just give us good information. Americans are smart. They'll make good decisions for their families. […] Here's what I believe we ought to do at every level of government. Let's be honest.

And who has been making up vaccine bullshit, you lightweight Voldemort? Who made mask-wearing political, you jaundiced Skeletor? Last I checked, the only ones that have been purposely dishonest about this pandemic have been GOP assclowns and their associated media organs.

Scott provided this analogy that perhaps inadvertently revealed the intellectual maturity of the modern GOP:

SCOTT: But, you know, get -- let people make their choices. This is -- you know, this is not a country where we need people telling us what to do. I love my mom. I hate her telling me what to do.

All right then.

Host Bret Baier also brought up the GOP's opposition to the bipartisan infrastructure bill. Scott tried to concern troll about the deficit, the way Republicans do every time there's a Democratic administration, but never care about when they're in charge.

Baier wasn't having it:

BAIER: Senator, you're talking a lot about the deficit and debt. A number of Republicans are. But it wasn't that way under the Trump administration. In fact, if you look at the numbers, the debt went up at the end of fiscal 2020, $26.9 trillion. The Trump administration and Republicans added $6.7 trillion to the debt. That was since President Obama's last budget, a 33 percent increase. Understanding COVID had a big role in that, but there's not a great track record for Republicans recently to tout themselves as deficit debt hawks and now to be doing it here.

When even Fox News is letting its audience know a GOP talking point is hypocritical, you know its bad.

Dana Bash similarly called out Louisiana GOP Senator Bill Cassidy on CNN's "State of the Union" this weekend while pointing out their bad faith opposition to infrastructure:

And then there was Maria Bartiromo on Fox News's "Sunday Morning Futures" eviscerating GOP Senator Kevin Cramer for supporting the bipartisan bill.

Republicans getting undone by the monsters they created? You hate to see it.

Let's just try to steer clear while they implode.

Have a week.

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