The Good Times Won't End

  • Some legal scholars would like to see America's free speech protections made a little less free. [New York Times]
  • The two presidential candidates get no love from their fellow legislators: Hispanic Democrats are still smarting over Clinton's loss to Obama, while at least 14 Republican members of Congress are all, "John McWho?" [The Hill/The Hill]
  • Barack Obama's VP search committee leader, Jim Johnson, had to quit after it turned out he got a bunch of questionable loans from Countrywide. Who would have imagined that would be a problem when people have so much love for the corporate fat cats in general and the mortage crooks in particular? [Washington Post/Wall Street Journal]
  • Tornadoes hit the Midwest yesterday evening, killing four people at a Boy Scout camp in Iowa, and at least two others in the region. [Reuters]
  • The situation in Zimbabwe just gets sadder and worse. [New York Times]

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