Terrorists are listening RIGHT NOW!

Loose lips! They sink ships! You know it, we know it, Darrel Issa knows it ... but do the ultraliberals in Congress now it? Apparently not. Those moonbats in Congress and on the 9/11 commission have conspired to force Americans to learn exactly how much is being spent by U.S. intellience agencies. Not on anything specific, mind you, just how much they get to begin with. How is it even possible that this amount is unknown now? I mean, we know how much the government collects in taxes, and we know what the overall spending is, and we know how much is spent on nonclassified stuff so ... ? Can someone explain this? Anyone?

But anyway. The White House initially oppposed this, saying it "would provide no meaningful information to the general American public, but would provide significant intelligence to America's adversaries and could cause damage to the national security interests of the United States," or, to put it more succinctly, "Americans' eyes glaze over at figures this big, while terrorists are bunch of number-crunching masterminds." But Congress passed it anyway, so Bush said "oh, who the fuck cares" and signed it.

But then -- Representative Darrell Issa to the rescue! Just as his Viper alarm systems saved thousands of purple muscle cars from black-clad theives in the 90s, his parlimentary maneuvering will save America, as he added some amendment to some law that does the opposite of the other thing, leaving the NSA safe to buy all of its torture apparatus in peace. Hooray!

Speaking of secrecy, libtards are also trying to get the military to reveal which Latin American death squad leaders in training are attending the taxpayer-funded School of the Americas in Georgia. The Pentagon fears that "publicly releasing the graduates' names could expose them to danger in countries with high levels of political violence," which means we're obviously not training them well enough, are we?

Despite New Law, Lawmakers Seek to Keep Intelligence Budgets Under Wraps [AP via FOX]

House Bill Would Open Secret List of Georgia Military School's Foreign Trainees [AP via FOX]


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