The Harriet Files: Her Lost Love?

Bizarre Love Triangle-1Curiouser and curiouser: Harriet Miers's one-time squeeze, Nathan Hecht, also used to date would-be SCOTUS nom and left-wing boogeywoman Priscilla Owen. Say this about Hecht, he has a type. From Texas we hear conflicting reports about the sizzliness of the hookups. One correspondent contends that Hecht and Miers didn't date so much as take each other to dinner: "I clerked for the Court during one of the terms that he was on it. Seeing them together, it was hard to imagine (both difficult and nauseating) them being intimate because both seemed so stiff.  (And not stiff in the fun way.)" Another operative insists that it got (ahem) ugly, and that Owens and Miers had a "catfight" over their hunk of manmeat, though it's unclear who won. Did either of them fight like a girl?

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