The House Majority Affinity Whose Name We Dare Not Speak

OK people, you can stop forwarding the hectic emails announcing that "interim" House Majority Leader David Drier is a little light in the loafers. Its Wonkette HQ policy to refrain from the outing of allegedly gay Republicans, on the simple grounds that being gay and Republican is more than sufficient punishment for anyone we might be moved to excoriate on grounds of hypocrisy. What's more, how shocking is it that someone who might have an affinity for the less fair sex could be the adjutant for a man who formerly made his living by encouraging adolescent boys to don skintight leotards and roll around in each other's sweaty grasp until one of them was spent, breathless, and achy? Next you'll be telling us that George W. Bush employs former oil company executives.

From Ten-Percenter to Majorty Leader [Blogactive]

UPDATE: Well, now House Republicans have voted staunch hetero, and superlative DeLay crony Roy Blunt, formerly majority whip, to captain the majority. But we're letting the foregoing policy statement stand, mainly cause it helps us hit our posting quota.


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