The Huh-Huh Files: Earth Day Edition

    MR. CONNAUGHTON: Hello, I'm Jim Connaughton, Chairman of the White House Council on Environmental Quality. . . . There's work underway to remove these various invasive plants. They include the Australian pine, that's a tree species, the Melaleuca -- and you'll see that, it's sort of a choking species -- and the Brazilian Pepper, which is a particularly nasty species --

    Q The Brazilian what?

    MR. CONNAUGHTON: Pepper.

    Q Would you mind spelling all those, since the President is removing them?

    MR. CONNAUGHTON: Yes, it's Australian Pine. That's straight forward.

    Q Australian Pine?

    MR. CONNAUGHTON: Pine, yes. Melaleuca, me-l --

    Q "N" like Nancy?

    MR. CONNAUGHTON: "M" as in Mary, e-l-a-l-e-u-c-a. And -- what's that?

    Q What is --

    MR. CONNAUGHTON: It's not a tree plant, but it's a very large aloe-type plant. It's a thick -- a thick, greeny, green plant.

    Q Shrub?

    MR. CONNAUGHTON: Well, you can call it a shrub, but it's pretty big and thick.

    Q (Inaudible.)

    MR. CONNAUGHTON: Ought to be careful with that, that's right. (Laughter)

Invasive species, indeed.

Press Gaggle by Trent Duffy and Jim Connaughton []


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