The Huh-huh Files: Willing to Use It Edition

From Bob Woodward's interview with Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld:

    Q:  Because it said look, if you guys don’t do it we’re going to, it could not have been plainer.  I think you were quoted as saying don’t cock it unless you are willing to use it.

    Rumsfeld:  That’s always been my motto, you best not do that because you lose your credibility.

    Q:  And this was the cocking of?

    Rumsfeld:  The hope was that it wasn’t the cocking.  It was the cocking but the hope was that the cocking----

    Q:  You didn’t have to pull the trigger.

    Rumsfeld:  Exactly and you didn’t have to pull the trigger.

    Q:  Right okay, but it was definitely the cocking. . .

We have nothing to add.

Secretary of Defense Interview with Bob Woodward - 23 Oct, 2003 [Defenselink]


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