The Infomercial That Wet A Thousand Hankies

  • Every solid and liquid material in China is tainted with melamine. [AP]
  • John McCain calls Barack Obama's 30-minute ad about sad, dignified Americans going to work at the Wal-Mart so they can buy food a "gauzy, feel-good commercial ... paid for with broken promises." [Chicago Sun-Times]
  • Sarah Palin doesn't know why women don't like her, but she will continue to "fight for them" or whatever. [ABC News]
  • The Treasury and FDIC are looking at a plan to bail out millions of fat-cat homeowners who can't afford their $600,000 stucco boxes on .08-acre lots in Reno. [Bloomberg]
  • Turnout in heavily Democratic Montgomery County, Maryland looks like it will be super high, even though almost half of newly registered voters in the area are notoriously slothful 18-to-29-year-olds. [Washington Post]
  • A suicide bomber killed five people outside the Afghan Ministry of Culture in Kabul. [Times of London]

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