The Internet Is Telling White Men To Kill Black Men And 'Sluts,' And White Men Are Listening

Post-Racial America

You know what the reaction was on 4chan -- the troll site now best-known for catapulting Donald Trump to the presidency -- on the day James Jackson was arrested for driving a sword through 66-year-old Timothy Caughman? Disappointment. Disappointment in the fact that he had such a low body count.

What has he even achieved? Not even a good kill count. Just One, Old, man. Now Brevik. Brevik was an hero my lad. Imagine working all that shit out then planning it. He was not wrong either. They were indoctrinating kids.

Over on the AskTrumpSupporters subreddit, one user casually suggested that violent white supremacists were the result of "anti-white sentiment."

I think that White Supremacist gangs are a symptom of the racial problems we have in this country and how they are covered up. There is a major intersection of anti-white sentiment, black on white crime, and criminal culture combined with people at the top only looking at one side of the equation ( handfuls of isolated racist whites rather than the racial motivations of thousands of affiliated criminal gangs) no doubt leads to white radicalization and white supremacy.

We need to acknowledge the very real race problems we have in America, unfortunately it looks like it is only getting worse with the left doubling down with accusations of racist or nazi everytime they lose.

Jackson's worldview and ideas, which he went on about at length in a jailhouse interview earlier this week, are completely, frighteningly familiar to me, as someone who has been researching and writing about the "manosphere" and white supremacist parts of the internet for several years. Like many others, Jackson's ideas and plans were fomented on Nazi sites like Stormfront. Like many, many others, Jackson's views come in at the intersection of both racism and misogyny. He claimed his goal was to kill as many black men as possible in order to keep white women from dating them. He told the New York Daily News that his greatest wish was for said white women to look at his actions and decide against dating black men, because perhaps he had some kind of point.

"Well, if that guy feels so strongly about it, maybe I shouldn’t do it,’” he told reporters, imagining what he hoped would be the reaction of white women to his murder of a 66-year-old black man.

The combination of racism and sexism among these men has resulted in an overarching obsession and hysteria regarding interracial dating. You've got a bunch of asshats who believe they are "owed" women, and they deeply fear black men are taking the women they believe they are rightfully entitled to. This is what they mean, largely, when they talk about "white genocide." Not only is there a massive conspiracy to keep them from having sex, they believe, but also a plan to kill them. This is what they think.

On the Nazi pick-up artist blog "Chateau Heartiste," Jackson's views are echoed, ever so casually.

Equalism is more than a big lie; it’s a corruption of civilized man’s soul. As the good doctor Thiel explains, femcuntery will only achieve wrecking power in a nation of degenerated men unable and unwilling to act to preserve their culture and protect their tribe. Women are followers and will follow their nation right into the abyss if it guarantees their social standing among peers; as I’ve been saying, it’ll take shitlord men with big balls to bring their women to heel and their nation back to greatness.

Perhaps my first encounter with the term "cuck" was when I wrote a silly little article about White Supremacists losing their shit about a Nickelodeon show called "Bella and The Bulldogs." The director of the show was a black man who had previously made a B movie called "The Cuckold" -- about a white man with a fetish for watching his wife have sex with other men, specifically black men. They believed, sincerely that this show was being used to promote cuckoldry, as a fetish, to children. They were specifically furious over the fact that the "cool guy" and potential romantic interest on the show was black. They screamed and howled over the fact that they believed young white girls were being brainwashed to prefer black men.

The site I wrote it for got rid of comments in a redesign, but there were thousands. I was screamed at for days. They made various memes of my face. Over a fucking Nickelodeon show. And what scared me most was their absolute sincerity. The absolute despair. The kind of fury and anger and despair that most people only reserve for someone who just stabbed their baby in the face. Over, again, a Nickelodeon show.

This is where the whole "cuck" thing came about first -- in white supremacist forums, in which idiots sincerely discussed their dreaded fear that the world, and black men in particular, were conspiring to deprive them of the nubile young white girls they felt entitled to.

But like the word "cuck," these views are not just confined to shadowy, secluded parts of the internet anymore. On more mainstream conservative sites, it's not at all uncommon to see people posting variations on the "diversity is code for anti-white" theme. There is obsessive talk of "Western Civilization" -- by which they mean "white people." And I very rarely see these people being told to fuck off.

It is entirely the same thing Steve King -- a Congressman -- was talking about the other day when he was on his charming "demographics are destiny" rant.

You have these people with "mildly" racist and sexist views to begin with. They're mad at Black Lives Matter, they think women are lying about the pay gap, that we lie about rape. They are furious that other people often don't like them and don't want to socialize with, or -- perhaps more importantly -- date them because of these views. Thus the constant "But they call us racists and sexists and it's UNFAIR!" shit. They get into these forums with a bunch of people who feel just as they do, and they become echo chambers in which these views are shared by the majority of members. And because it's an ongoing thing, the stakes keep getting raised. This is how radicalization happens. This is how James Jackson happens.

In the worst of these forums, violence and murder are far from taboo subjects. Just yesterday, in a post on the misogynistic Sluthate forum (formerly PUAHate, the site notoriously frequented by mass murderer Elliot Rodger) titled "If you actually killed/raped a bunch of sluts..." anonymous men lamented the fact that killing women wouldn't be as effective as they would like.

If you actually punished a bunch of sluts for their slutty behavior, all you would do is create martyrs. Feminists would be marching in the streets. I mean, Jesus Christ, feminists were marching in the streets simply because Trump got elected, and all he did was talk shit. He didn't actually do anything to them.

So, what can you do? Watch the world slowly kill itself, I guess. People won't listen. They'll just keep getting more slutty and lazy until the bubble pops, when the economy finally collapses. Then, their immorality will hit home.

When Hillary Clinton referred to "deplorables," these are the people she was talking about and she was absolutely, 100% correct to do so. They are not just deplorable, they are straight up evil, and at this point, they are psychotic. My biggest fear with a Trump presidency was that these people would be emboldened, and to some degree, I would say that is starting to come to pass.

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Robyn Pennacchia

Robyn Pennacchia is a brilliant, fabulously talented and visually stunning angel of a human being, who shrugged off what she is pretty sure would have been a Tony Award-winning career in musical theater in order to write about stuff on the internet. Follow her on Twitter at @RobynElyse


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