The Judy Show: Jail is Not the Back of the Bus

Keller gets all up in Kinsley's face for asking to debate Judy: "Sadly, Judy is not on a fellowship at some writers' colony. She is in JAIL. She is sleeping on a foam mattress on the floor, and her communications are, shall we say, constrained." [Romenesko]

Brits admit we're civilized: "Sending journalists to jail is hardly the conduct one expects from a civilized society, least of all the US," but Judith Miller's stand "does not put her in the same category as Rosa Parks." [FT]

Hey, who doesn't have an opinion on this? "[Taiwan] President Chen Shui-bian (陳水扁) yesterday expressed regret over the fate of New York Times reporter Judith Miller." [Taipei Times]

Editorial wrap-up, from NYT to San Jose. [Knight-Ridder]


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