The Kagan Confirmation Process: Still Happening, We Guess
  • You probably just assumed that Elana Kagan has been on the Supreme Court for months, stone cold legislating from the bench and making everyone have gay abortions without their guns or whatever, but in fact she still has to be confirmed by the full Senate. Is this a thing that will happen? Probably! The New York Times has a convenient chart of Senators, and what they think of our future Judge-Dictator. [NYT]
  • The recently signed nuclear arms treaty, though -- the Senate's not going to deal with that any time soon. Come on, they're just nuclear weapons, what harm are they doing anybody? [NYT]
  • Did someone try to assassinate Mahmoud Ahmadinejad? Is the definition of "homemade grenade" broad enough to encompass pretty much any explosive thingie made at home, including celebratory firecrackers? Do Iranians still get excited enough by visits from the president to throw homemade firecrackers, or possibly excited enough to attempt to kill him with a grenade? [The Guardian]
  • A U.S. District Court will be ruling on Proposition 8 today, probably in California's afternoon, so look out for that and prepare to be elated/depressed. [CBS 47]

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