The LA Times Got Scooped by Christmas

AP071212011960.jpgThe Los Angeles Timesknows what led to the CIA's destruction of those torture tapes! If you're wondering why you didn't read about this, it might be because they broke it like late-morning on Monday -- the day before Christmas. Hey, smooth move, guys! I'm sure eeeverybody saw it! Next time, you may want to point your team of crack reporters toward a calendar.

To briefly mention what's in the piece, it looks like everyone's blaming a guy named Jose A. Rodriguez Jr, who was the head of the the CIA's secretive and incompetent clandestine services at the time. Seems like he's going to be the Lynndie England on this one, and he maybe can expect an even worse fate if Tancredo is on the investigating committee.

The whole thing went down the ol' memory hole though, because who was reading about torture on Christmas Eve? That is to say, who other than me and the rest of the Jews who were looking at headlines while also checking on show times for Charlie Wilson's War, or maybe Persepolis? Why didn't we mention this back on Monday when it happened? Duh. Because no one would have fucking read it! The LAT is maybe working a little too hard. Why not do what everyone else did and post a bunch of bullshit 'til the clock runs out and it's time to get your Christmas on.

Wagons Circled at CIA Over Tapes' Demise [Los Angeles Times]


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