The Last Temptation of Orrin Hatch

Utah: we don't get it. Is everyone there preternaturally friendly and white, or just the ones they allow the rest of us to see? Case in point: the "DC notebook" column of the Salt Lake Tribune. It is ostensibly written in the style of a "gossip column," but every item is about how much everyone in the Utah congressional delegation is preternaturally friendly and how they all like one another. Then there's this item:

Through most of Thursday's confirmation hearing for Gen. Michael Hayden to head the CIA, a woman in dark glasses with short, bleached-blonde hair and wearing a teal track suit sat in the audience giving "google-eyes" to [Orrin] Hatch, reports a Senate spy.
At one point, the woman approached a Senate guard and told him her name was Bobbie, that she was in love with Hatch and wanted to give him a kiss.
She left apparently before anyone got her full name, but it reportedly gave Hatch a "hoot."

Ew. Just ew.

Seriously, Utah, cut out this creepy stuff or we will give you back to the Aztecs.

DC Notebook [Salt Lake Tribune]


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