DSC00133.jpgMorons on the Dancefloor

The Late Night Shots kids held their Christmas party at The Guards in Georgetown last night. Wonkette was... well, not there, no. We'll do almost anything for the amusement of our readers, but when we drink with douchebags for the sake of material we like them to be douchebags you guys have heard of.

Thankfully, a Wonkette Operative was there, and she/he even took some pictures. Our op speaks, after the jump.

Supplementing the nightly exploits of individual LNS-ers, LNS holds periodic group events. Last night was the official LNS Holiday Party. I went with a friend, and we'll stay anonymous, so as to not incur the wrath of the formidable and infamous LNS forum posters.

A common sentiment among folks contracted by LNS or working the Holiday party could be summed up thusly (and, again, not naming names): "the douchebag/twatwaffle quotient in the group is high, but hey, a gig's a gig, ya know?"


This photo shows Reed Landry, LNS founder, right, next to an unidentified "buddy" [Trenholm Boggs? Dandridge Payne (seriously)]. Note that they are both wearing red polos, blue blazers, blue jeans [not pictured], and loafers [not pictured]. This apparently is the "official dress" of LNS. Seriously.

Reed arrived with a camera crew from Comcast who were doing a "story" on LNS. Seriously. Reed told the reporter that "publicity" they had received from "online sites like Wonkette" was partly responsible for the group's "success". Seriously. This will probably turn up on one of those douchebag lifestyle internet tv channel things.


The camera crew stuck around for a while and got some shots of and words from other LNS-ers. In addition to this promotion, LNS hires a photographer to document its events. Seriously. Her name is Jamie and she seemed very nice. She's also done a couple of these events, and seemed to share the "gig's a gig" philosophy.


Most of the shots I got were generic crowd shots, mainly because I wanted to limit my interaction with the group. So, not a lot that Wonkette would be interested in. But I did get this photo, which shows a dude wearing a knit cap with Snoopies on it. WTF? [Editor's note: We actually kinda love this hat. Kudos, LNS dude!]

Here are a few more pix:


Drunk Santa Dude is to be commended for his commitment to being Drunk Santa Dude well into the sweaty, Sophie Ellis-Bextor-fueled dance-a-thon.

DSC00139.jpgYou can't see it, but dude's other hand is pulling the USFB

DSC00144.jpgHigh five, Blackberry Holster Guy! You've managed to subtly out-douche the pros!

As you might guess, these LNS-ers love them some 80's music. But their theme song seems to be "Murder On The Dance Floor" by Sophie Ellis-Bextor. Seriously. I heard at least ten different people request that song, but the DJ didn't have it. Eventually, I think some dude went out to his car and got the CD. Then we listened to it at least twice.

There is a CVS in the next block over from The Guards. But it closes at 10. I hope the LNS-ers took care of their condom needs early last night.


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