The Least America Could Do Is Wish Mark Sanford Luck On His "Secret-Agent Mission"


Hey remember Mark Sanford's affair? Well, Mark Sanford certainly does, and he would like to take this opportunity to implore you to just GET OVER IT. In fact, he will be publicly reminding everyone of his own Argentinian extramarital sparkin' thing until America decides to justgrow up and forget it already. But you know, while we're on the subject of Mark Sanford, Mark Sanford has a few ideas about some helpful metaphors everyone can use in dealing with this whole "Mark Sanford situation":  “Everybody is assigned their own secret-agent mission in life. And at times the tricky part, the hard part, is finding out what that secret-agent mission is. Some of us do it early, some of us do it later in life.”

...And some of us do it now. And oh, by the way, do you realize who else has secret-agent missions?


"I’m a wounded soldier; I took myself off the battlefield,” he says.

Other correct answers include: "particularly imaginative children" and "James Bond."

[The Daily Beast]


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