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For some weeks — feels like years! — we've been getting very strange stories about the "both sides" of the pandemic debate: Trumpy shitbags who think putting a cloth mask over your mouth (AND NOSE) is tyranny, and liberals who insist on wearing them anyway. Brian Stelter of CNN called some anxious liberals "pandemic addicts." Maybe I am! If the shoe fits, I will wear it out of the store! (LOL like my town has a "shoe" "store.")

Some stories focus on liberals no longer following the science — liberals claim to looooove science and want to rub up on science and do sex on science, but some are still wearing masks outside, even though the CDC says people do not need to wear masks outside. Others purport to be about outdoor mask mandates but quickly veer into the real problem: People choosing to wear masks when the writer does not think they should wear masks.

Don't get me wrong, these are not the same people who compare masks to Nazi armbands.

And yet that's the company these writers are keeping. They're tired of this pandemic, they want it gone, and they're personally offended — like Trump! — by the reminder. They're just rationalizing it better, or at all.

Fuckin' right I just called them Trump.

We've gone from desperately begging people to do their part to stop killing themselves and their neighbors to yelling at liberals for being PC and virtue signaling and "in love" with "lockdown." You're not doing your part to project normalcy post-vaccination, these writers (and the large media companies behind them) say. People must have naked faces to look forward to if they vaccinate. The stories just seem to leave out one tiny part:

The pandemic isn't over yet.

And assuming the pandemic is over, or even almost, is a fucking rookie move. Like, have you ever even seen a horror movie? You shoot that dude again. How many peaks have we gone through? How many did India?

The stories seem to all emanate from writers on the East Coast, from people who have not lost entire families and whose bodies are not more susceptible to the virus than usual. Perhaps the writers are unaware that in much of the country, including where I live, going around with your face out is not a prize you get if you get the vaccine: It is an ethos that goes along with refusing the vaccine. (Tucker Carlson is certainly doing his part!) Around here people in masks including indoors are the suspicious ones, the sheep, the ones who refuse to just go live life because it's up to God to decide who's protected (unless it's crime, in which case God only loves those who arm themselves), and it's not because people assume they already got the vaccine and are just flaunting their ... what? What is it we're supposed to be performing here? Good citizenship and care for others? Well fuckin' harrumph!

Vaccination rates in my state are not strong (and they're far worse for the young, who have been eligible for the vaccine since January). And they won't be, because Fox News doesn't want Joe Biden to get credit for ending the pandemic Trump made worse because he didn't want his bronzer to smear. Tucker Carlson is out there right now telling his credulous viewers — my neighbors — the vaccine kills.

In much of the country, people wearing masks even into public businesses are the minority. State legislatures are overruling local health orders requiring mask use inside; they say it's for the poor small business owners, who would lose business from lunatics bitching about their "rights." But they have no thought for the businesses who want to protect their own employees and who actually would lose that lunatic business, instead of everyone being on the same public health playing field. Montana is about to make it illegal for employers, including hospitals and schools, to require any vaccine, including the ones that were forever required to enroll in schools. Can't wait for polio to make that comeback! Also in Montana, a commission recommended that any school that requires its students and staff to wear masks forfeit any money from Joe Biden's American Relief Plan to fund ventilation and infrastructure. I don't even know where that left off, so much crazy has flown out of the lege straight to Gov. Greg Gianforte's desk.

And yet we have these stories, from major media companies not, intimating that people freely choosing to still wear masks even if they're outside and far less likely to catch the virus are in some way analogous to the people who will literally scream their spittle into our faces.

If other people still wearing masks makes you feel bad, that is entirely on you, media writer person with feelings. Your quest for normalcy is understandable, but premature. We know next to nothing about more infectious variants that are exploding around the world. And we know next to nothing about longterm effects, particularly on kids. I have kids! You know what happens literally every time we are out walking? A stranger — a nice stranger, being nice! — leans down and breathes directly into their (masked) little faces.

People who have been vaccinated can still catch and spread the coronavirus. Some of us have children we can't vaccinate yet, or old people for whom the vaccine still might not be enough.

If your problem is people wearing masks outside when you don't think they should wear masks outside, you know: Fuck your feelings.

* This post originally referred to the writers as living in New York, which is only true for some of them.

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Rebecca Schoenkopf

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