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Good morning, and with Rebecca off doing vacations, Yr Dok Zoom is doing Tabs today. Here's hoping there's no news involving Kentucky or Tennessee. He's hopeless with those.

As expected, Senate Republicans filibustered a vote on even debating the Dems' big voting rights bill, the For the People Act. Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said the party will "keep on going all summer, all fall, as long as it takes" to pass the bill, and if you thought there was a lot of pressure to eliminate or at least modify the filibuster before this, you'd better bet it's going to intensify now. (Politico)

New York City held its mayoral primaries Tuesday, and nobody will know the Democratic nominee (and almost certainly next mayor, because New York) in forever, because the city did ranked-choice voting and that'll take a long time to tabulate, until someone finally ends up with 50 percent overall. As of last night, Brooklyn borough president Eric Adams led with a bit more than 30 percent of the vote, but that could change a lot depending on how voters' second and third choices went. Andrew Yang came in fourth in the initial round, and conceded. He'll have a job on CNN within the week, we bet. (New York Times)

Also in New York, only it's Buffalo: Say hello to India Walton, the first socialist mayor of a big city in 60 years! Congrats! (Nothing against, Bernie Sanders in 1981, but Burlington is no big city. But he made it into that Doonesbury strip!) (Politico / New Republic)

The New York Times ran this science headline and will not apologize:

Yes, moray eels have a second set of jaws. And they like to eat you with their little mouth too. (New York Times)

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin says he will work with Congress to move prosecutions of sexual assault cases out of the military justice system and have them tried in civilian courts instead. This is a very big deal, and has been for years. The military may not like it, because chain of command, but if Congress passes it (still a big if), the military will do it, because chain of command. (Washington Post)

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has set July 8 as the start date for a special session to ram through Republicans' voter suppression law, with little chance that Democrats will be able to block it by walking out. (Gee, if only Congress would pass the For the People Act and keep voting rights safe.) The special session is also likely to take up a terrible bill making bail requirements harsher, which had also been delayed by the walkout. (Texas Tribune)

Those 153 Houston hospital workers who refused to get vaccinated — they only work in healthcare, so why would you expect them to know vaccines work? — have been fired after a federal judge threw out their "please respect our desire to endanger others" lawsuit. Bye! (NPR)

A beaver in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, posed for a very cute photo after a guy set up a Canadian flag over a beaver trail and waited to see if he could get pics of the two Canadian icons together. Look how cute she is! And no, not photoshopped.

But after standing on guard for thee, the beaver, known to local photographers as Spud, grabbed one of the two branches holding up the flag and ran off to chow down on it at her home pond. The photographer was able to rescue the flag, so he doesn't have to worry about going to jail for desecrating the almost-US flag, hooray.

Also, video of the beaver's flag dash:

This is where Rebecca would usually put a recipe, so here is Thornton chilling on the back of the recliner. He's a very relaxed dope.

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