The Man From The Foo Fighters Is Pretending To Run For President

harp.jpgEvery four or maybe eight years, magazines start dressing various famous people in wacky "presidential campaign" costumes and photographing them (surrounded by red, white and blue bunting) for cover stories that may or may not have something to do with the person and/or the campaign. It is one of our most cherished traditions, going back to when Poor Richard's Almanac had a cover woodcut of Hester Prynne in a red thong, addressing the Constitutional Convention.

Anyway, here's D.C. drummer Dave Grohl on the cover of a music magazine. He is dressed as if he is running for president of Bill Richardson's life. And you'll never believe who endorsed Grohl: a political blogger who is also a guy from one of Grohl's other bands. Krist Novoselic! Punk's not dead! (Oh wait, it actually is dead.)

Plurality Elections Discourage Participation [Seattle Weekly]


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