The Manly College Years Of Ross Douthat

The Manly College Years Of Ross Douthat

Gawker hasfound a short but delicious profile of New York Times misogynist neckbeard holy warrior-columnist Ross Douthat, from his days at mean old Harvard. Here's a fun pargraph! "His room is adorned with posters of Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe - stars from Hollywood's glamour heyday - as well as a towering tribute to Gladiator. 'I think that Russell Crowe's evocation of manhood is something all men should aspire to,' he explains, 'particularly when there are such obvious parallels between Rome and the United States, with the combination of splendor and decadence of Empire.'" Jesus... OH WE GET IT... you were trying to play matchmaker with David Brooks when you hired Ross Douthat, weren't you, sneaky New York Times? [Harvard Crimson via Gawker]


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