The Matt and Judy Show: Today's Second Most Important Story

Lawerence O'Donnell looks at eight blank pages and finds reason to believe Rove might be indicted. [HuffPo]

Judy's jailmates include Zacarias Moussaoui. Maybe he knows where the WMDs are. [AP]

Different companies, different approaches to the First Amendment: "next to the entertainment behemoth of Time Warner, the New York Times Company looks like a mom-and-pop shop." [NYO]

We think Judy will be just fine in prison: "Jason Epstein told E&P it would have taken putting 'a gun to her head' to make her think about revealing her source." [E&P]

TIME cuts bait, lines: "I'm from Time magazine, the defendant," Bennett told security officers. "I'm covering the trial. Can I get in?" [NYO's Media Mob]


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