• Oil -- you'll recall this commodity from that time before yesterday when we all owned cars and houses, yes? -- is just $96 a barrel. [Reuters]
  • Instead of getting started on revising the bailout plan, Congressional leaders keep blaming each other, but mostly Nancy Pelosi, for their terrible failures. [Washington Post]
  • In response to America's fuck-up, the Germans have turned to quoting Nietzsche, which, oh god, do you remember the last time someone gave a German a copy of Beyond Good and Evil? [Der Spiegel]
  • Even the Big Business lobbyists couldn't persuade their friends the House Republicans to vote for the bailout. [The Hill]
  • Thanks mostly to the rejection of the bailout, Asian markets are suffering too. [AP]
  • Some poison milk found its way into some Cadbury bars in Asia, and now chocolate is ruined forever. [Times Online]

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