The Most Beautiful of All the Ugly People

riiiiiiiightWe've lost track of how many people have forwarded us The Hill's round up of, ahem, the "50 Most Beautiful People" . . . on Capitol Hill. We know what you're thinking: Once they've lowered the bar that far, why bother looking? Well, it is fascinating, in a train-wreck kind of way. (Our favorite smash-up is here, we'll let you guess which one.) But we're sort of suspicious that even based on the "hot for D.C." standard, they couldn't come up with 50 actual D.C. residents . . . 'Cuz, seriously? "Carling Dinkler"? (Pictured -- supposedly -- at right.) Yeah, sure. That's not a real name! It's not even a good fake name. Do we look that stupid? Oh, wait. . .

The 50 Most Beautiful People [The Hill]


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