The Most Important Month of All

* Heard on the Hill: Calling all "military types/punks/international looks/German car owners": Ridley Scott wants you as an extra... Two anti-war protesters learn that if you harass Sen. Chuck Grassley long enough, he'll take you out for burgers... Rep. Patrick Kennedy stays on the wagon even on the boat... Earmarks from beyond the grave... August recess just got a little more fun now that its "National Bourbon Heritage Month" [Roll Call]

* Reliable Source: Vacation hotspots of the DC famous. [WP]

* Shenanigans:Ted Turner comes up a little short on his promised donation to the U.N. [Politico]

* Page Six:Harold Ford, Jr. takes a play from Hugh Hefner, being seen out and about with not one, but three blondes. [NYP]

* Washington Whispers:Sen. Patrick Leahy gets a bigger part in "The Dark Knight"... Mitt Romney talks religion. [USN&WR]


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